Monday, October 26, 2009

Real Life

Loved this post today from Small Notebook. I realize in the past year the home magazines I used to read I've been replaced largely by home blogs. After reading this post, I think I realize why. Blogs are real people giving me real and viable solutions to home management unlike many magazines, where the recommendations are expensive and unattainable. I love the web!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

TMI Alert: Hormones control my life

So, I guess its my blog and I can write what I want to. I mean, I've read more about pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, and baby poop/vomit than I ever wanted to know from other blogs. In comparison, here at Goin' Places we're pretty conservative.

With that disclaimer, I will continue. Apparently the only time I blog these days is when I'm hormonal. Perhaps because its the only time two necessary blogging circumstances occur in my life 1) I sit still long enough to actually do it and 2) I'm emotional.

This is how I dealt with the hormones today. I wore my favorite sweats, a huge t-shirt (can I get a shout out for Shorty's in Grayton Beach? Woot, woot!), drank massive amounts of water and curled up in a fetal position and prayed for the sweet release of death. In an optimistic gesture, I gave myself a pedicure. A lovely bright Georgia red (because who doesn't feel better with red toes?). With water weight and breakouts, my toes are the last thing I have control over. I wanted to make sure they looked nice.

Last month, I got my cry from this movie. Today I just watched this over and over and over again.

I sobbed and sobbed and prayed to have sons someday. Ben looked at me warily but didn't say anything, because at this point in our lives he's learned not to ask questions.

When I was done crying I looked around the living room for something to do. There were plenty of constructive chores to occupy my time like straighten up, laundry, or pack for the weekend, but none of those satisfied me.

So I picked up my Georgia red nail polish and planted myself on the couch at Ben's feet where I proceeded to paint all 10 of Ben's toenails a lovely vibrant red.

And he let me.

Because, like I said, he's learned not to ask questions.

I'm one lucky girl.

How do you deal with out of control hormones?

To Whom It May Concern: Rest assured Ben's toes are back to normal. They didn't stay red long. Which was fine, it was more about the process, not the final product. I mean, his manly man feet did look pretty silly.