Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Song

There is a song I sing to Adam. I've sung it to him since he was a newborn. When nothing, and I mean NOTHING else can calm him, this will. I've sung it in the wee hours in the morning, over and over again on long car rides, and through teething and constipation. I've tried to mix up our playlist and substitute other songs when he's upset, but he will not have it. Few things make me feel more maternal than when my seemingly inconsolable boy immediately stops crying when I begin to sing this song. He knows it's ours, all ours and it means mommy is close by and everything will be okay. And I love that. I know it seems like just a simple tune, but to me it represents the bond between my son and I, and many personal motherhood triumphs. It is a reminder of all those moments that I would not accept defeat, but instead dug into the depths of my soul to find exactly what my son needed from me, then I gave it.

To you, it may be just a song from Mary Poppins. To me, it represents the molding and growing of Adam's mother, formed just for him.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Adam & I rolled into Biloxi early this afternoon after spending 12 days away. We had a wonderful time during what my mother called our "Triangle Tour" from Biloxi, MS->Columbus, GA->Suwanee, GA->Panama City, FL->Biloxi. A couple of hours later, Ben arrived. His schedule turned out to be a 9-day-on, 3-day-off rotation, and his first day off fell today. Of course, "day off" meant completing the night shift around 11:30 a.m. today, after which he got in the car and drove 3 hours home. I was less than thrilled with that decision, but Ben wanted to see his family so what could I do? He & Adam had a rapturous reunion and he was in bed by 6 p.m. after about 24 hours of being awake.

Pictures & stories to come, but for now I'm going to go do something I've dreamed about for the past 12 days...crawl into bed with my husband.

Sweet dreams!