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Just a ordinary lovely Monday

I've been wanting to start updating this blog again for so long.  Our days are racing by and changing so quickly, I know I'll never remember this time if I don't chronicle it somewhere. The thought of starting just seemed too overwhelming, perfection is the enemy of good and all that nonsense, etc etc.  So here goes, I'm just going to start with just some ordinary ordinariness to dip my toe back in the blogging pool.

Reed & Matt had their first sink baths today!

Oh yeah, I had twins since I posted last. We'll catch up on that later.  
One of the biggest challenges of twins for me has been HOW to work in baths!  There is no time for such things!  So this afternoon while Adam & Will were settled into their after school activity I gave it a shot.  We can all be in one room this way and face it, sink baths are way cuter and therefore more enjoyable anyway.
The weather this week in San Antonio (oh yeah, we also moved to Texas since I posted last...see what I m…

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