To Ben in Germany

Oh Captain My Captain,

You left for Germany this morning.  I've actually been doing ok today.  I've thrown myself into projects around the house per usual, and fair warning, let's just say you're going to have to ask where a lot of things are when you get back.

Adam asked "Where's Daddy?" no less than 16 times at bedtime tonight, but I did manage to distract him by offering to let him pick out his jammies.  I presented his options to him only to have him shake his head at each one.  He kept saying something that sounded like "mushrooms".  I asked him to point at the ones he wanted, and he peeked in the drawer and said "I can't see them".  I then led him to our bedroom where the rest of the pajamas were folded but hadn't been put away yet.  I continued to go through pair after pair, but he kept shaking his head and repeating "monshers".

Finally  light bulb went off and I pulled out his monster pajamas.


"Yes!  Monshers!"

Duh Mom.

Holy Moly that kid amazes me.  Is he honestly old enough to remember his favorites and request them??

Will took a couple of long naps today, he'd only been up an hour when he started getting tired again at 7:30.  I rocked him a bit, but it was time for Adam to go to bed, so I laid Will down in his crib and turned the fishies on the ceiling for him to watch.  When I came back he was asleep.  Wahoo!  It reminded me so much of Adam's routine when he was a baby.  Are we really finally getting there?  Are we going to have a real, actual bedtime and is Mommy going to have a night?  If so, nice timing God, really nice timing.

As for me, I've been checking and rechecking your flight path.  I love seeing where you are.  Look, you're over the ocean right now!

Other scenes from the day...

Apparently the boppy still works well into the toddler years:
 Will is officially a thumb sucker.  This is the only proof he may actually be mine, it's the only Robinson gene that made it through.

And I just realized both pictures I took today are thumb sucking pictures of the boys.  Some may see future dental problems, I see self-soothers.

I hope your flight is going well and that you're helping that poor Army wife sitting in front of you with the 3 kids (newborn included! yikes!).

Love forever,



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