Sunday, May 24, 2009

Goins Week In Review

1. Angela accepted to graduate school, check!
2. Ben finished his second year of medical school, check!
3. Gained a beautiful new niece, check!
3. Found a place to live in Birmingham, check!

WHEW! Now you may understand the new tag line of our blog. I know it's a little cheesy, but every time I hear that line from this song I think, oh my, that is so descriptive of our life! Life is moving fast and it's all we can do to keep up.

Coming up:
June 16: Ben takes boards
June 20: Moving Day
July 6: Ben begins clinical rotations and his 3rd year of med school

I think I need a nap...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Roll Tide?

I was accepted this week into the graduate school at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa! I will be pursing a Master's degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Political Communication. I am so thrilled and excited! I've been dying to get back to school since I graduated, I love being a student. The question I keep getting is, won't that be weird being a Georgia grad? Well, I don't think so. First of all, they are not a huge rival like Tennessee or Florida, THAT would be difficult. Secondly, part of the reason I really wanted to go there is because it's another big SEC school much like UGA, and I love that atmosphere. Of course, I will enjoy the occasional football game this season and will cheer for Alabama...just not when they play Georgia!

More Ella...

We were able to take a couple of days this week to go and visit our new niece. I drove while Ben took over the backseat of my car to study for boards and nap. Ella is even more beautiful in person than in pictures. Lauren seems like she's always been a mother, I hope my maternal instincts kick in like hers did! I wish I had taken pictures of Ella's nursery because it's so beautiful, a room fit for a princess. And the window box full of flowers Ken planted outside her window is to die for. We're so glad we were able to see her this week. It will probably be at least a month before we see her again and I know she will change so much during that time. Ben who normally can take or leave babies seemed to be very taken with little maybe there's hope for him yet!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Well...she certainly made an entrance

After 17 days of being on pins and needles waiting for her arrival, our niece Ella Scarlett Jolie is finally here! I guess she just wanted to make sure everyone was paying attention for her big entrance into the world. She was born May 17 and was 7 lbs 9oz and 21 inches long. Mom and baby are doing great!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Little niece, coming soon....

It looks like we will have a niece soon! At Lauren's doctor's appointment today she was almost fully effaced and 3 centimeters dilated (and I'm sure she will sooo appreciate me sharing that with everyone). She was walking, walking, walking this afternoon. We're hoping Ella will make her appearance sometime this weekend!

Here is Mason saying what Aunt Angela?! You will be loving and adoring someone else besides me?! Don't worry, buddy, there's plenty of love and presents to go around.