Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just the Two of Us

Why yes,I did put on entirely too much under-eye makeup, thank you for asking.

Ben left today for his first TDY. He'll be gone for the month of September to Jackson working in the ICU of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Jackson is only about 3 hours north of here, so we're planning a trip to see him in a couple of weeks as well as really hoping that he might be able to make a quick trip back here if his schedule allows. But heck, I hate seeing that guy go! The first couple of hours after he leaves are the worst. There's a palpable emptiness around me. Then I brush it off and settle into my life-without-Ben routine. I've done the month away thing plenty of times, but this is the first time I've done it with a baby at home. I hate that Ben & Adam are going to be separated that long, it just breaks my heart. With Ben's schedule I'm used to doing the parent thing alone, most days he leaves before Adam wakes up and is home after he goes to sleep, but I normally get at least one day a week where I get to share parenting duties with someone. I'm tired just thinking about it. I do have a game plan to get me through the next few weeks:

1. Trip back to Georgia to visit family & weekend beach trip.
2. Trip to Jackson to see Daddy. Excited to visit after finishing The Help, which was set in Jackson.
3. Watch the BBC 5 hour version of Pride & Prejudice borrowed from my friend Casey.
4. Watch Mad Men on Netflix
5. Finally make my window mistreatments and hang them. Oh wait, does anyone want to help me hang some curtain rods? Anyone? Hello? Is this thing on?
6. Lots of playgroups.
7. Painting some furniture.
8. Painting some things with chalkboard paint. What things? I don't know, anything is game.
9. Adam's 1st birthday party plans.
10. Enjoying the fact that we are kicking the 2nd worst month of the year, August*, to the curb and getting one month closer the the best month of the year, October.
11. Getting ready for Fall.
12. Pinterest, I'm pretty sure Pinterest will somehow be involved.

Look out September, I OWN you.

*Official WORST month of the year is March. Yuck March. You stink.

**After drafting this post I got a call from Ben. While checking into his hotel he received an email with his work schedule. He starts Sunday, not tomorrow. Which means we missed out on FOUR WHOLE relaxing days together. Do you know how rare four days are in Intern Time?! Weelll Shoot.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fleeting Beauty

These days when I hold Adam I feel a difference. Those unmistakable signs that his body is transforming from baby to boy are hard to ignore. His limbs are long, his actions are sure, he moves with intent. His eyes are focused and understanding. I even recognize the first glints of a sense of humor. He never wants to lay on my chest or snuggle in my arms. Whenever I try to hold him he struggles, wriggles, and efficiently arches his back and slides easily off my lap. He wants to be free to travel, explore, chase, and giggle. Most of the time as I watch the adventurous spirit practically bursting from the body of this wonderfully mischievous little boy I feel pure joy. Along with that, however, comes the assurance that this time is fleeting, and that the Adam I knew just yesterday will be different tomorrow. During this season of my life I've come to understand a phrase I read years ago:

"the exquisite pain of fleeting beauty"

The right now is beautiful, but with the passing of one more moment, gone forever. And with that knowledge comes pain. I'm here desperately drinking in Adam's present before it becomes his past. The saving grace is that for everything we leave behind, there is more wonderful waiting for us. The future has yet to disappoint, and some days as I watch my baby become my boy, that thought is my only solace.

Baby in a Box

No pictures of Adam on the blog in 3 months?! That's a problem that needs to be fixed. Immediately. So here he is, in a box!

I will use any tool in my arsenal to contain him for even a few seconds. He is a crawling terror that can destroy my house in mere moments. He pulls up on anything & everything and clears off the coffee table & end tables. I can't find the remote control half the time. He can climb up four whole stairs and hold onto the couch and side step its entire length. He's bumped his head on our coffee table more times than I can count. I don't even get up anymore when he does it. I think this box moment happened at a desperate time one afternoon when I just needed him to STAY STILL. Plus, I mean, come on, really cute, right?

In other news, a husband on call on a Sunday + a baby napping equals massive amounts of time spent on Pinterest. It was ugly. I think I need an intervention.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sister Wife

Please allow me to introduce our newest family member, my new sister wife!

"This is Dr. G, I was paged"

"This is Dr. G, I was paged"

For obvious reasons, I call her Paige.

So am I jealous of the shiny, demanding new wife you ask? Well, she does occupy a lot more of my husband's time than I do, it's true. However, sister pays the bills around here, so I keep my mouth shut! The new girl earns her keep!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Accidental Golfer

Ben: I'm going golfing tomorrow at 3pm.



Ben: The program director.

Me: {Silent Pause} So, golfing tomorrow you say? Lovely. Have fun Darling!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Welcome to my new bloggity blog! I'm glad to see you here! Update your blog records, the old blog will be completely deleted soon.


So, not that I ever ever blog anymore, but I have big plans for doing so again someday. Anyway, I'm thinking I might need to go private because the daughter of one of Ben's patients was Googling him the other day and ended up pulling up our blog. No harm done, they didn't even realize it was a blog but thought they found a news article on when Ben went to D.C. I think they also enjoyed the little descriptions of our family. Ben himself didn't even realize what they had found until he came home & told me and I immediately knew it was our blog.

So many people are looking up their doctors online now (I know I have), so if one patient found the blog that means others will as well. In order to maintain the separation between Ben's personal and professional life I think I need to remove this from public viewing. I really hate to do that because I've "met" and interacted with so many wonderful people through this blog, but I think in order to maintain the proper boundaries of the doctor/patient relationship it's going to be necessary. The other option is to redo the blog with alias names, but that seems like an awful lot of work and one I'm not sure I could keep up. Going private could have some advantages, I would probably be a little more open knowing it was only approved friends & family viewing my posts.

Advice? Opinions?