Saturday, February 28, 2009

Missing...young blog updates for two and a half months...

Well,I'm back! After a slight...okay...long hiatus from the blogging world I'm back. I haven't been totally absent though, you just haven't seen me. In fact, I've been the worst kind of blogger. I've been lurking and stalking other blogs and giving no love to them with comments as well as lazily neglecting my own. But sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. It's been a hectic couple of months, and I decided to focus attention on my actual life instead of my blogging life.
Which leads me to your thought of the day. We all put a lot of time into our blogs highlighting the best parts of our families, friends, and lives. What if....just what if....we took all the time we put into our blogs trying to make ourselves look perfect and redirect it into actually making our lives that perfect? Wouldn't that be a much better use of our time? Profound, huh? Do you need to sit down? So, give yourself a day, week, month off. You'll be surprised how your thoughts reorganize themselves. You can actually go through the day without grabbing your camera and thinking about how you're going to blog about each little thing that happens. You can live life without mentally translating each event into a blog (come on, you know you do it). There's a lot to be said for blogging, it allows us a creative outlet, we can connect with family and friends, and it is an ongoing diary of our lives that we are preserving forever. All reasons I love blogging. I'm just saying, give yourself some time every now and then to step away from the computer screen and enter into the actual world. What could you discover?

You may notice a new look here at Goin Places. I've deleted a lot of my sidebar links and gadgets and junk and gone to a white background for a cleaner, more streamlined look. This is representative of my 2009 quest to simplify. In the Goins' household we're stripping down (wait...I just realized how that sounded...I'm not talking about that kind of stripping down...ahem) and getting rid of what we don't need or use. We're reducing and reusing. We're not recycling because they don't do that in this neck of the woods. So, I felt the blog should reflect my new approach to life. Ahhh! I feel better all ready!

Blessed with Birmingham

You may remember that in December we found out Ben will be doing his clinical rotations in Alabama, which we were thrilled about! You may also remember that we were supposed to find out in January which city we would be living in. Well, after a couple of weeks of pushing the date back and one pretty big scare (a.k.a. we were told we had a rural town, which resulted in my hyperventilating in the bathroom at work while I alternated between frantically calling my husband and Elizabeth. Luckily the scare lasted a total of 10 min) we found out we are moving to our first choice BIRMINGHAM!! We could not be more thrilled! I've seen God's hand in every step of this medical school process, and it's comforting to remember that He is looking out for us. We are excited about moving closer to family, who now won't be but a couple of hours away. My friend Anna lives in B'ham, my friends Elizabeth and Libby will only be a couple hours away in Atlanta, and I'll be closer to my New Orleans girls Wands and Holly. I have to keep reminding myself how much closer I'll be to old friends, because I'm beginning to get very anxious about leaving behind my friends here. I have such a wonderful support system in all of them. We will be the only DCOM students in B'ham, so I will probably find myself a little lonely without them.
We are now starting to plan for the big move in June. I've already left my job at LMU to begin focusing on the next steps I'm going to take in my life. I'm hoping to substitute teach a little to bring in some money, but other than that I'm a stay at home mom of two kitty cats. Hey, don't laugh, they are a handful!

Winter Wonderland

January and February brought several snowy days to Tennessee. The snow is one thing I've really enjoyed about the winters here. Winter in Atlanta is just gray and dreary. At least here in the mountains we have the possibility of beautiful white snow. I will definitely miss it when we're in Alabama next year (although, they are calling for heavy snow in B'ham tomorrow morning). Oh well, I guess I'll just comfort myself by going shopping at a real store and then eating at a real restaurant!