Friday, May 28, 2010

Quotable Quotes

When Ben told one of his professors we were expecting our first child, he replied:

"Well, clearly your rotations have not been rigorous enough."

To which Ben responded:

"All I can say is, when Angela Goins decides to have a baby, she has a baby."

Haha! Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mommy Blogger?

So does Monday's post now mean I have transitioned into a Mommy Blogger? Oh goodness.

Monday, May 24, 2010

No. 1

Well, hello there blog.

I'm back with a BIG announcement.

Ben & I are expecting Baby #1 in December. We can't wait to welcome our little "Jingle Baby" around December 20th!

This is also the month I finish grad school. And the month Ben matches for his residency, which means we'll find out what he'll be doing & where we'll be living for the next several years once he graduates in May. Oh, and I think there's also something called Christmas that occurs that month as well?

Yes, yes we are crazy. Thanks for asking.

I wish I had the energy or creativity to write a funny, witty, insightful, touching post about pregnancy and impending motherhood, but the truth is, I don't have it in me right now. "Sebastian" (the baby's nickname until we find out the sex, after the 1st baby Ben delivered) is really taking it out of me. After one particularly horrendous day of not keeping anything down, I asked Ben how it was possible to be simultaneously miserable with life and totally elated with life at the same time. And don't get me wrong, I'm elated, thrilled, beyond happy. Ben's sister sent me a card that said "Pregnancy is the happiest reason ever for feeling like crap". I keep it on my nightstand to remind myself of the very worth it end result. And things are better now because I have Zofran. Zofran is a miracle drug. I'm in the process of writing a series of sonnets entitled "Ode to Zofran". Now I only throw up once a day. Bliss!

Before I go, I guess I'll have to share one thing with you, and I think you know what it is. I know you don't want to see it, it's just another kidney bean to you. But to me it's a BABY. It's MY BABY. So, I apologize...

...I know you understand...

...I have to do this...'s in my contract...

...this is your last chance to stop reading and look away...

...okay, here it is...


Thank you for understanding.