Thursday, July 31, 2008

Supper Time

Our cat Maggie does not know that she's a cat. She is very much convinced she's human. When I set the table at night, Maggie promptly takes her place at the table and waits to be served.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Family Vacation, St. George Island, FL

Family picture night.
The men
Mama and David, riding the waves!
Grandmother and Bip, still so in love!
Mama, me, and Grandmother, or "The Gene Pool" as we're called.
Ryan and Alisha, visiting one day from Tallahassee!
Our catch from deep sea fishing...let me know if you want to come over for a fish dinner...
Crystal getting seasick...
John and Ben after their 23 mile bike ride across the island.
Little bro David and I getting our ice cream at Aunt Ebby's, a must!
Simple summer pleasures, flip flops and a good read!
Our dog Buddy loved to boogie board! He would stand up while we pushed him around, no kidding!
Enjoy, honey, just a couple of weeks before year two!

Mama, G & B, jacuzzi living!

We had a wonderful family vaca in July with my mom, step-dad, grandmother, grandfather, two brothers, step-sister, and her boyfriend! It was great to have a whole week to just talk and catch up with family, especially my amazing grandparents, Grandmother and Bip! We did a lot that week, I'll just let the pictures tell the story!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Elizabeths, Me, and the Nordstroms Anniversary Sale

In July we enjoyed a family vacation with my mom, grandparents, and siblings. On the way down to Florida, we stopped in Atlanta to stay with our friends Brett and Elizabeth Richards. Elizabeth is my BFF from college, formerly Elizabeth Snead. Also in town was another BFF Elizabeth Wands. We call the two Elizabeths Wands and Snead, or more commonly, Wannie and Sneaders. I have started to call Snead Elizabeth more now since she's been married, but even still when I refer to her as Elizabeth Ben gets a puzzled look and has no idea who I'm talking about. Good thing her husband Brett doesn't mind us calling her by her maiden name!
We arrived in Atlanta on a Friday night where I saw Brett and Elizabeth's big beautiful town home for the first time. She has been very busy decorating and it is so lovely! She prepared margaritas and yummy snacks for us (including a favorite of all us girls, Rotel dip, mmmm). I also met my new kitty cat nephew Emory, and saw my three year old kitty cat nephew Rocket. Rocket is a 30+ pound gray tabby cat. He looks exactly like my Maggie, but is three times the size. I included pictures of him above, which I don't think do him justice. Now, I would like to say here that I am not putting these up for him to be made fun of. I'm putting them up because I think he is a very handsome and impressive cat, and I do not want any unkind comments about him. He has wonderful parents and a happy life, he just has a slight emotional eating problem...
The next morning we sent Ben and Brett to see a movie, and the two Elizabeth's and I headed to the Nordstrom's anniversary sale (which was the whole reason Wands had flown in from New Orleans). Many miles were walked. Many shoes were tried on. Many, many, many dollars were spent. It was fabulous, and I was so glad to have the time to spend with my girlfriends! I'm so glad, NINE years later and many states separating us, we are still friends!