Monday, October 11, 2010

30 Weeks

30 weeks?! What?! Ready...set...panic!

10 weeks to go. 70 days. 9 weeks left of school. 7 weeks left until I'm full term. How do you like that math? What was I thinking?! I blame Ben, he should have made me wait another month before trying for a baby. I couldn't be held responsible for my actions, I had baby fever for goodness sakes! Everyone knows you're not thinking logically when you have baby fever!

I have to go study for a History midterm now. And remember to breathe. Yeah, that too. Breathe.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My First Baby Shower

This is a much belated post on my first baby shower, which was held in late August. Three of my college girlfriends gave Adam his very first party. It was held at my friend Elizabeth's house in Marietta, GA, and our friends Holly and Wands flew in from New Orleans for the weekend for the occasion. Seriously. Do I have fabulous friends or what?

Me and the hostesses, Elizabeth, Wands, and Holly. Hard to believe that exactly 11 years ago to the month we were moving into the 3rd floor of Brumby Hall at UGA...the rest is history!

The Presents

Balloon picked out especially for HRH Adam Benjamin by Aunties Wands & Holly

The Spread
Not pictured: meatballs and the rotel dip that was made especially at my request.

The Cake

Cute Outfits

Me with my Mama, the very excited Grandmother (Didi? D-Mo? Grammie?)

My brother's super cute girlfriend Jackie with my Grandmother. This will be her 9th great-grandbaby!

Stepmom Cindy with sister Taylor

Rocket the 30 lb cat enjoying the festivities

My oldest friend in the world Libby. Auntie Libby has already had to arrange an emergency doctor's visit for me at 12 wks in Atlanta while Ben was in Biloxi & held my hand through the ultrasound (everything was fine, obviously) and has also begun spoiling Adam rotten. And he's not even here yet!

My my old work friends from HomeBanc Paula & Jackie. I hadn't seen these ladies in about 3 years and they still wanted to drive out for my baby shower!

Probably my favorite picture of the day, everyone staring at my belly!

As you can see I am a very blessed girl to have people who love me and love Adam! I was so overwhelmed by the beautiful shower and the people who came. Thanks to my hostesses and guests, it was a wonderful afternoon!

Friday, October 1, 2010

2 Down, 3 To Go!

Landon Jacob Evans
Born September 16, 2010
Welcomed by parents Brad & Erin and big sister Madison


Levi John Benjamin Dewberry
Born September 30, 2010
Welcomed by parents Marc & Jessica and big brother Malachi


*All photographs property of Heather Arwood of Woodberry Photography.

Happy Thoughts

Reasons why I am happy today....

1. My mom is coming tomorrow to help me get stuff to Goodwill and to our storage unit to finish getting the house ready for Sir Adam. Also the crib from my mom and stepdad that is fully assembled and decked out with bedding. I stand over it several times a day and imagine a baby boy snuggled and sleeping. Nesting is in full gear.

2. I had my 28 week doctor's appointment on Monday and passed my glucose test. Blood pressure still low (thanks mom for those genes), fundal height measuring exactly on schedule (and my doctor says I'm NOT too big, so there), and baby heart rate is strong and perfect. Healthy mama & baby!

3. It's October! My FAVORITE month!

4. Ben has finally decided on a residency! He is applying for internal medicine residencies. That will be 3 years and after that he will probably choose a fellowship to specialize. I know he's looking at a primary care sports medicine and an interventional cardiology program. But we have 3 more years before he has to make that decision.

5. I'm feeling great! I have more energy and I even think my nausea is subsiding some. Besides little things like backaches, stomach muscle aches, and my feet swelling on class days I'm really not having any other pregnancy symptoms right now. And those things are very doable. I've been so much more active the past week I actually got shin splints. Seriously.

6. I received permission to present on my research at my graduate colloquia in November instead of my internship. What, you don't think that's exciting? It is! I promise!

7. As of last night I have a new cousin! Welcome Levi! 2 boy cousins are here, 3 more to go!

8. Autumn Wreath Yankee candles, my fall wreath, and putting out baskets piled high with cozy blankets.

9. Cooler temperatures, although I think I'm the only person who doesn't think it's really all that cool. I need low 70's at least please. It still feels hot outside to me, but at least it's not unbearable.

10. Cable. Yes, the G family has broken down and gotten cable. I'm not gonna lie, I like it.

11. Ben comes home 2 weeks from today! We're on the downhill slide!

12. A baby boy who nudges and kicks me and makes me feel not totally alone while his daddy is gone.

Why are you happy today?