Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Belly That Will Eventually Overtake Birmingham


Okay, so I realize my stomach has been growing at a rather alarming rate. But I didn't fully realize how big I'd gotten until Ben took the first bump picture of me last night. I was honestly shocked. After circulating the picture around to friends and family today it is confirmed, this is NOT normal growth people. All day I've been feeling my belly, and by the time Ben got home, I was convinced my uterus, which should still be a little shy of the belly button, had already reached the 20 week belly button mark. This is where having a husband with a couple of OB and family practice rotations under his belt comes in handy. Ben promptly got out his trusty tape measure, palpated my belly to determine the location of my uterus, and sure enough I'm at 20 centimeters exactly, reaching to my belly button. The 20 week mark.

At 15 weeks.

Good grief.

And no, there is no way my dates are off. My cycles were perfect, my ovulation was perfect. Believe me, I know when I got pregnant. There's only one explanation.

This is Ben G's child. And he's at an all you can eat buffet. Have you seen Ben at an all you can eat buffet? Tales of the amounts of food my husband can put away are legendary. So really, what did I expect?

But one thing concerns me. If my growth continues at this rapid rate, what will I look like at 9 months pregnant? And more importantly...


Post Edit: Would you quit reading my blog if I said I feel a little like Bella growing Renesmee in her belly? You would? Okay, then pretend I didn't say that.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

15 Weeks

You know something?
I think I might be pregnant.


Obviously the constant nausea and vomiting have not affected Baby Goins at all. My stomach muscles feel stretchy all the time, and I can honestly say that I'm loving every second of it!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pick a Side

In honor of the release of Eclipse this week, I'm posting my very favorite SNL Twilight sketch. Now if I can just convince Ben to take me to see the movie instead of waiting for it to be released in the dollar theater. Going to see a movie at full price is a big deal in the Goins' household, and normally only reserved for cinematic gems such as Harry Potter.

Oh, and I'm Team Edward. All.The.Way.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

4 Years

Today marks four years of marriage for Ben and I. Compared to previous years, this year has been relatively quiet! Or maybe not exactly quiet, but certainly pretty calm by our standards. It's a good thing we had a breather, because this next year will put all the other years to shame. By the time our 5 year anniversary rolls around, I'll have a master's, Ben will be a doctor, we'll be active in the military, Ben will be in his first month of residency, and oh yeah, we'll have a 6 month old!

Ben has been in Biloxi, MS for the past month doing a medicine rotation, but he will be home tomorrow, which is giving me flashbacks to our two year anniversary. I spent a week down there with him exploring the area as this is a possible residency site for him, so I really only spent 3 weeks total without him. I have not talked about his absence this month on the blog or facebook per Ben's request. Apparently he was worried that some stalker would discover I was home alone and come after me. I guess I let the secret out a day ahead of time since he won't be home until tomorrow. Well, ATTENTION WEIRDOS: PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT I HAVE A .38 AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT. There, that takes care of that.

Did I really just work a firearm into an anniversary blog? That takes talent, people.

Anyway...I am absolutely giddy about him coming home tomorrow. I feel like a 16 year old preparing for her first date. Of course, I guess that didn't involve scrubbing toilets and grocery shopping, but the romance is there just the same. This past month we've gotten serious about discussing where we want to live next and what Ben wants his specialty to be. Being as close as possible to family would be wonderful, especially with the baby coming, but I had to stop and remind myself that no matter where we are all we really need is each other, and that wherever the two of us are together, that's home. That might be the most important lesson I've learned from the past four years.

Four years seems like a long time to me. That is, until I remember my grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage earlier this month. No, that was not a typo, 60 YEARS! So, Ben and I are still only at the very beginning with an entire lifetime left to live together. And, well, that is just fine with us.