Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's for Two

After trotting all over the state of Georgia during the Christmas holidays, Ben and I decided to have a quiet New Years Eve together in the happening metropolis of New Tazewell, TN (haha). I put together a little appetizer platter, made some lasagna, and opened a bottle of red wine we got from Ken and Lauren for Christmas. I also made some cookies just so I could use the new Georgia Christmas plate my friend Elizabeth gave me for Christmas. I figured it was my last chance until next year! The new year is always a time for reflection of things past and anticipation of things to come. Ben and I found ourselves wondering where we will be on New Year's Eve of 2009. New home, new state, new city, and new friends (hopefully). We will say good-bye to this little town and hello to new experiences and memories. It's a little scary, but at least one thing stays the same, no matter where we go we'll have each other! Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

How sad that Christmas Cheer only comes Once a Year!

We spent this Christmas at my mother-in-law's house in Columbus, GA. She and her husband Jimmy have a beautiful home on lots of land and she is a wonderful cook, so Christmas at their house is kind of like being in a Norman Rockwell painting. Christmas Eve Ben and I went to the candlelight service at his old church, and then we joined Jimmy, Laurie, Lauren, and Ken back at the house for Christmas Eve dinner. Laurie made homemade eggnog which was delicious!! Ken and Lauren spent the night, so on Christmas morning we all got up together {Laurie had us up at the crack of dawn} had coffee, and opened presents! This was Ben's last Christmas break, next Christmas he may be working at the hospital or on call, so we cherished every moment. Who knows what the Christmases will bring in the years to come?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Georgia Girl

As you know, Ben's sister Lauren is having a girl in a few months. I could hardly wait to begin shopping for our little niece! I was so excited about my Georgia purchases that I had Lauren open her present a few days before Christmas. But, dad Ken got me back on Christmas Eve when he gave Lauren an Auburn outfit! Can you tell by mama's face that she's a Georgia fan? I guess this little one's team affiliation will depend on who dresses her first on game day!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Couch Family Christmas 2008

Every year, my mom's side of the family gathers together to celebrate the Christmas season. The days we celebrate and those in attendance have changed over the years, but the one thing that stays the same is that we're always together and there's always fun! This year my Aunt Susan hosted. We had two new additions since last year, my little cousins Malachi and Justin. My three cousins have seven children between them and I adore every last one of them. I always look forward to the time of kisses and smiles with them! My aunt had her huge banquet table decorated beautifully with help from my cousin Krista who did the flower arrangements. Everything was decorated even up to the chandelier! I wonder if Grandmother and Bip just sit back in wonder during these times together and think, oh goodness! What did we create?!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Few of my Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things at Christmas! Thanks to G & B for our beautiful tree!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You Know You're Married to a Student Doctor When...CONTINUED

More additions from my friend Heather!!

...our parents ask what you want for Christmas and you tell them things you need not want.
....The word "holiday" indicates the weekend after exams to you fall asleep alone night after night but always wake up to a man next to you smelling like formaldehyde
....Caffeine is a staple food in your pantry
...your spouse recites anatomical terms in his sleep know that in theory, you have a spouse but you can't place the last time you saw them.
....You've never had problems before, but 6 months into med school you're on an anti-depressant, an anti-anxiolytic and sleep medication.
....You've thought something like "what's another $20,000 in student loans?"
....your spouse thinks"AWESOME!" if someone keels over in front of you.

The Joys of a Medical Marriage

This week I have been a medical school widow. This is the final week of tests for this semester and Ben has been going non-stop. With all the exams and our spouses' first experiences doing very personal examiniations I thought this would be a good time to re-post one of my favorite lists!

You Know You're Married to a Student Doctor When...
…you open up your sewing box and find sutures
…you can’t watch a medical show without hearing complaints about everything they are doing wrong
…you can’t be in the bathroom when he/she is washing their hands without getting sprayed by the “doctor shake” when they are done
…you tell him/her that they are getting on your last nerve and they draw an accurate picture of a nerve with a little stick person on it
…you find yourself constantly washing scrubs and white coats
…your house is littered with office supplies bearing the names of various pharmaceuticals
…you can’t complain of a scratchy throat without having a tongue depressor shoved in your mouth and your spouse looking at you from behind a tiny light

And here are some new ones from myself and a fellow med school wife:

1. Your spouse brings home a speculum to use you for practice and it constitutes as "date night".
2. You catch your spouse practicing surgical knots on the garbage bag ties.
3. You are getting an epidural during labor and your husband wants to watch.
4. You are undergoing a c-section and as they are sewing you back up your husband says, "Cool, I can see your intestines!"

I know there are some other good ones out there, so lets hear them! Add some comments!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sugar and Spice

This week we found out that Ben's sister Lauren will be having a little girl! I'm so thrilled! Now I will have a niece and a nephew. I'm so thankful our move to Alabama will bring us closer to both of them. Lauren said she's taking suggestions for the name, so lets hear them!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Alabama, here we come!

Today the schedules for clinical rotations were passed out, and we got our first choice, Alabama! We will not know what city we are in until next month, but we're praying for Birmingham, Montgomery, or Mobile. We are also thrilled that Ben got his ideal schedule. He'll start out with his core rotations, and will spend his first two months in internal medicine, which he really wanted to do rather than begin in surgery or something like that. We will be moving this spring and he will begin rotations in June (along with taking his first round of boards that month, yikes). We will live in three states before our third year wedding anniversary. We have crazy unpredictable lives right now, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Here's to life's adventures!

PJ and Movie Night

At book club this week Savannah got the idea that it would be fun to all get together at her house and watch a movie in our PJ's! So, I came home from work and got dressed to go my pj pants! It was great! Ben made us some of his world-famous popcorn, I grabbed a bottle of wine, and was off. We put in Love Actually, which is a really fun Christmas movie. Well, not really a Christmas movie, but it takes place at Christmas. Anyway, the movie played the whole time, but I don't think we watched even a minute. So, basically what we've discovered is that we just use any excuse to get together and talk!

This is Savannah's precious bulldog Monty. Isn't he precious in argyle?

LMU Tree Lighting and Knoxville Symphony Orchestra

Last week Heather and her son Ben, Sheila, and Savannah met me at the LMU campus to attend the LMU tree lighting, which was preceded by a hand bell concert, carols, a reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas, and prayers. Afterwards, Ben went to see Santa in Duke Hall and then he and mommy headed to a local church for their walk through Bethlehem. Sheila, Savannah and I remained for the FREE Christmas concert by the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. It was wonderful! It really got me in the Christmas spirit. The next night I also hung with Savannah and Sheila when Sheila hosted the Military Medicine Christmas dinner in her beautiful home (Savannah is a Navy wife and Sheila is another Air Force wife). I actually went solo since Ben was sick, but I joked that it was rather appropriate since military wives are used to being alone anyway! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the military medicine meeting, but here are some pics from the tree lighting. Thanks to Heather for taking them since I had forgotten my camera!

I Heart Book Club

Since beginning book club in September, I've connected with a wonderful group of women who have made me laugh, cry, question, sympathize, empathize, and love. It has added so much to my life. And sometimes, we even talk about our book! This week we had our Christmas Party at a local coffee shop, discussed Marley and Me, and did a Greedy Santa gift exchange. We each wrapped a book we were done reading and ready to give up and exchanged. It was so fun!! I love you book club girls!