Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why does no one wear a hat anymore?

Is there anything more ladylike than a gorgeous new hat? In days past, a new hat had the same effect on women as new shoes. It had the ability to make you feel instantly stylish and gorgeous. So why don't we wear them anymore? Perhaps because modern hairstyles don't pair well with a hat? I wonder... Well, if you're like me and lament the passing of this classic fashion click here to enjoy LIFE'S photo gallery of spring hats. I feel happier and more sophisticated already!

P.S. Notice the gloves in all these pictures? Yeah, love those too.

I think I forgot to tell you...

Back in December I announced that Ben's sister is having a girl and that she was taking suggestions for a name, and boy did you respond! They did decide on a name for the little is...drum roll please...Ella Scarlett! Isn't that precious? For those of you who don't know I'm a HUGE Gone with the Wind fan. I mean, insane, ridiculous fan. My cats are named Maggie (Margaret Mitchell Goins) and Nelly (Melanie Wilkes Goins). So, needless to say, I L-O-V-E the middle name. And the first name is so sweet and lovely. Now we just can't wait to meet her. She's due in May, so it won't be long now!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm not famous but my friends are, so that counts

I know, I know, it's either all or nothing with me in the blogging world, isn't it? But, I've been without a laptop and while I have full use of my husband's laptop and our desktop they just don't seem to suffice for blogging. Blogging requires personal, familiar territory. I took a trip to Knoxville this evening and am now in possession of a shiny new power cord :). I'm enjoying sitting in Starbucks on a computer while sipping my chai latte. Simple pleasures.

So, while I upload pictures and compose posts, please enjoy this article featuring my precious friend Elizabeth Wands. Ms. Wands is a member of my mischievous group of Brumby friends. This group dates back to our freshman year of college and in August we will be celebrating 10 years of friendship together. Wands, as we call her, purchased a condo in New Orleans this year and the Times-Picayune did a write up on the condos.

So, click here and scroll to the third picture down to see what's it's like to be spotlighted in the lifestyle section of a major newspaper. I can only dream...