Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birth Story

So, it occurs to me that I need to write my birth story. At first it didn't seem like something I should write. Because I had a c-section, and a scheduled one at that, I felt like I didn't really give birth. But, it is still the story of how Adam entered this world. It will probably take a while to organize my thoughts and figure out what to share and what is too personal to share. I would like to tell the story of how I went from planning a non-medicated birth to having a scheduled c-section and hope that it will help others facing similar circumstances. My birth story largely takes place prior to the actual birth beginning at 35 weeks of pregnancy when we were first faced with the possibility of a c-section. I'll probably share this over several posts. I hope that you will give me open-minds and understanding, as some of what I will be discussing is controversial in many circles. I do not propose the path we took is the path for everyone, but I'm going to explain why it was the best path for me and how I made peace with that. I look forward to sharing.


I'm cleaning up dinner (I just cooked a London Broil in a cast iron skillet, highly recommend it) and listening to my husband play patty cake with our son in the next room while he squeals with absolute joy and bliss (the son, not Ben, well, maybe a little Ben). Could there be a better sound in the world? No, I don't think so.

This is a pretty charmed life I lead.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Contest & Giveaway!!!

Oh my, I'm becoming one of those blogs who does giveaways! Wait, I hate those blogs. Except Pioneer Woman. Speaking of, I totally didn't win the Nikon D90 she gave away today, and I really actually thought I was going to.

I think motherhood has made my tendency for tangents much much worse. Back to the topic.

I'm having a contest because enough is enough. My mother NEEDS a grandmother name DESPERATELY. We have tried many on for size and nothing is working. We thought we would do the whole let Adam grow older & name her thing, but that doesn't work because I need to be able to refer to her as something to him now. You know, when I say, "Adam ____ is coming to see you today!!" So here is the deal, you come up with a grandmother name for her, and if she likes it and picks it I'll send you a $5 Starbucks gift card. $5 because that's all I can afford, but hey, you'll get a free latte.

Here's some background: Her name is Dana Mobley. We started out with DD & thought that was going to be it, but she changed her mind. The latest is Gran D but I don't think that's going to stick. The main issue is that my husband has always called her what he refers to as her "gansta" name, D-Mo (Dana MObley, like J-Lo) and that's what he's insisting she be called now. And we really don't want her to be D-Mo. But it looks like that will happen because that's how we refer to her because we have nothing else to call her!

Help! Only you can stop my mother from being called D-Mo!!

So information that may be helpful:

Full name: Dana Mobley, middle name Marie
Husband's grandfather name: Pop
Her mother's grandmother name: Grandmother
Her grandmothers' grandmother names: Grandmother (are you sensing a pattern?) & Granny Garmon
Adam's other grandmother: Lolly

If you need any other info to help you make your choice, let me know. I'll provide you with whatever you need.

Let the naming begin!


Wisdom today from Olivia Walton:

"Just remember, you're the child's mother, not the book."

Sage advice.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Blink

Are You Popped Collar Cool?

Sir Adam has managed to do several things this past week to send me into emotional turmoil.

1. He turned 3 months old on March 13, meaning he officially leaves behind his newborn months. The nerve.
2. He decided he needed to begin sleeping in his crib. Yes, HE decided, I did not. I would be perfectly happy with him in the bassinet next to my bed for oh, say, the rest of my life, but he was hitting the sides at night and waking himself up. I am a big fan of co-sleeping (sleeping within arms reach of one another) and planned to do it for at least the first 6 months, but Adam has other plans. So in his own room he goes. And he doesn't even have a real room, just a tiny former office with no windows. I finally made it back in our bed after spending the first couple of nights on the couch so I could be closer to him. Next baby I'm getting one of these.
3. He began to lose the little dark "baby mullet" hair patch he's had on the back of his head since birth. In fact, most of his dark hair is falling out and being replaced with little blonde fuzz.
4. He moved into 6-9 month clothes.
5. He started cutting his first tooth. Because boys normally cut teeth later, and because Ben did not cut his first tooth until 11 months, I naively assumed Adam would be very late. Teeth were not even on my radar screen. I haven't researched or read anything about teething. I am woefully unprepared. I have no idea how to handle this. One google search on the subject has me completely confused. I mean, does Sophie the Giraffe really have magic powers? It's things like this I need to know.

Every new moment is so wonderful, but I can't help but miss my little snuggly newborn. That is, until I remember being up with him every few hours during the night and then I think hey, maybe this growing up stuff isn't so bad after all!

But then again....

Please excuse me while my heart breaks.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Life

I love being a mom.

That's all for today.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time to Get Goin'...Again

Peeps, I am so ready to be done with medical school and moving on to residency. Graduation is just 9 short weeks away (!!!) and then we will then be continuing our tour of the Southeastern United Sates and moving to Biloxi, Mississippi. This blog ain't called Goin' Places for nothin' people. So we will officially hit our fourth state before our 5 year wedding anniversary in June. For those keeping track that's Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and soon, Mississippi.

Wait, what? I didn't mention before we were moving to Biloxi? Or that Match Day for the military was two days after Adam was born? And that we were holding our 2 day old baby in the hospital at 8 a.m. while Ben frantically checked his Blackberry for his assignment from the Air Force and prayed we weren't getting sent to San Francisco across the country from our families? No? Oh.

Well, I mentioned I also graduated that week too right? Two days before Adam was born? No? *Sigh* Sorry, I've been busy. So it went something like this:

Saturday, December 11: Ang graduates with Masters in Communication Studies from the University of Alabama. After completing 71 pages worth of papers the week before. In bed. Barely able to move, having contractions, on crutches, with symphysis pubis dysfunction and a 10 pound baby in me. Thanks be to goodness for a supportive husband, understanding professors, the interwebs, and FedEx. It wasn't verified I actually graduated until January, long story, but anyway, I did, and I have the pretty diploma to prove it. Well, it's honestly not that pretty. It kind of looks like those Good Citizenship certificates you used to get in 1st grade. I mean, seriously Alabama??
Monday, December 13: I gave birth to a child. A real live honest to goodness human. Holy Moly.
Wednesday, December 15: Medical Match Day for the Military. We found out Ben matched Internal Medicine in Biloxi, MS, which was our first choice. Whew! Ben said he never would have thought matching for residency would be only the 2nd biggest thing to happen to him in a week. I mean, seriously.

Yes, it was stressful. Just for the record, it is possible to fit several life changing events in the time frame of a few days, but I wouldn't recommend it. Especially not when you're dealing with the postpartum crazies.

Okay, all caught up now?

So, we are here in Birmingham, where we never really put down roots, and are just grinding out our time. No friends, no family, blah blah blah.

I'm so ready to live here
And go to church here

And play here
But probably not here
But maybe here, quite famous for their spa services you know
And we will make friends! Glorious friends! I am a person who needs friends. Friendship has enriched my life in so many ways. Girlfriends, couple friends, the possibilities are endless. Dinner dates! Playgroup! Entertaining people at our home! Ahhh! I'm dizzy headed with anticipation.

And we're almost there.

Looks like we made it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The first time Adam laughed it was in his sleep. It was the sweetest cutest little giggle. I thought my heart would explode from happiness. He still gives me those little sleepy time giggles which I'm guessing result from dreams of kitty cat whiskers tickling his cheek. These days I can really get him going with my silliness...oh the things I will do to make that boy laugh...well...ridiculous. Over the last two days on three different occasions I've made him laugh & squeal so hard he's given himself the hiccups.

It's awesome.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bulldog Baby

This baby looks like me most of the time, but this one is ALL BEN. He also happens to be sitting on Ben in this picture, which is basically his favorite place to be, on Ben on the couch. They are super crazy about each other, and I love it!

Friday, March 4, 2011



Coffee Date with the Boyfriend

And that's what I've been up to. You?