Birth Story

So, it occurs to me that I need to write my birth story. At first it didn't seem like something I should write. Because I had a c-section, and a scheduled one at that, I felt like I didn't really give birth. But, it is still the story of how Adam entered this world. It will probably take a while to organize my thoughts and figure out what to share and what is too personal to share. I would like to tell the story of how I went from planning a non-medicated birth to having a scheduled c-section and hope that it will help others facing similar circumstances. My birth story largely takes place prior to the actual birth beginning at 35 weeks of pregnancy when we were first faced with the possibility of a c-section. I'll probably share this over several posts. I hope that you will give me open-minds and understanding, as some of what I will be discussing is controversial in many circles. I do not propose the path we took is the path for everyone, but I'm going to explain why it was the best path for me and how I made peace with that. I look forward to sharing.


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