A couple of conversations with Adam today that I do not want to forget:

This morning we were reading a book about going to the pool.  He said "I'm sad".  I said "I'm sorry buddy, why are you sad?"  He replied "I'm sad because I want to go swimming with Granmommy."  Sweet boy!

Also, we normally give Adam one M&M when he pees in the potty and two when he poops (my apologies for the bathroom talk).  This morning he went peepee and poopoo at the same time, I gave him two treats and he immediately corrected me, "No Mommy, I went peepee and poopoo, I get THREE treats!"  I of course told him he was absolutely correct, that was simple addition and I didn't know how I could be so silly.  Moral of the story...DO NOT try to short Adam B. Goins an M&M!

This kid is absolutely killing me lately, I love this almost 3 age!  Some days I wish he was a twin so I could have two of him, I definitely DID NOT wish that a year ago!


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