How Do You Feed a Toddler?

As Adam begins his adventures with finger foods and we move closer to the one year mark and sharing meals as a family, I'm beginning to wonder what-in-the-heck I am going to cook. Almost everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I cook for Ben & I is spicy. I know people say that if you give kids spicy food they'll adapt, and I'm sure that's true. But, until Adam's language skills develop to the point he can tell me his tongue is burning I just don't think it's a good idea. Plus, finger food + touching eyes = owww.

So, who has recipes to share with me that your husband and kids like? Please and thank you!!


  1. See, all these things about motherhood? I wouldn't have even thought about that. And Owen and I eat a lot of spicy food....a LOT...including authentic Thai food quite frequently. OH, Lord, what am I going to do when we have children?!?!!?


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